Hi All,
I have been running OES sp1 for 2 weeks now with the sole purpose of
the server being an iFOlder server. I didn't choose "ifolder server"
during install. I picked a few options (ifolder 3, netfolder, edir,
imonitor and a few other small services) and the server is running
perfectly, iFolder works like a champ........ THe only issue i see that
memory usage is at 99% almost all of the time. This is a p42.4ghz
processor with 1gb of pc400 memory. The box only supports 3 prople,
and of those 3, only 2 are connected to the server across a WAN syncing
with ifolder.
How does OES handle its memory usage? I remember some distros of
linux always use the full memory and let it go as other processes need
it. Is OES like this? It concerns me when i see my server monitor in
the red with memory usage on this box. Any info would be a great help.
I don't have access to the box now so i can't tell you what processes
are using the memory, but i can login when i get home and edit this