I'm testing with OES Linux and I'm now trying to get the update process
I've downloaded the four iso's containing SP1. Inserted CD1, opened up
YaST, Patch CD Update, Next and it gives me a message, "No updates
available". What am I doing wrong here? Why doesn't it work that way? I
proceed exactly as described in the documentation.

When you have installed OES, is it save to use YOU? Or do you have to
use rug?

Finally, I also wonder about the versioning system. If you ask me it has
become quite a mess. You've got SLES, SuSE CORE, OES all with own
revisions. What's the best way to determine the version of your system
(something like "version" on netware). I know of the SPident tool. Is
that the official way? And how does a system look like after a
successful patch?

Thanks for any insights