Hi all,

We presently have a tree with 4 x NW4.11 SP9 servers, IPX (IP for
NAT/Internet only - one server is the gateway).
1 Server is 'retiring' (it was an archive only)
Main server is a RAID5, 2 other servers are IDE with mirroring.
300Gb on the main, 200Gb on the others. Not all full, probably around
500Gb of data to migrate.

We are installing a new server farm with 3 servers, which will be in a
new tree so that we can run both in parallel until we are happy with the
migration result - we need to leave the original servers untouched for
this reason.
New servers are all SCSI RAID5 1x 1.2 Terabyte and 2 x 500Gb.
We will need to migrate all permissions and data from the NW4 servers to
the new tree which will be OES, Groupwise and Zen for Desktops on SUSE
Linux 9. (SLA)
The servers are being built and OES/Linux etc installed in Adelaide by
a contractor, then they will be shipped here for the migration process.
The guy is good but doesn't like OES/Linux and is making all sorts of
dire predictions about how hard it's going to be to use and I'm just
trying to get an idea about various ways of doing a migration if
something doesn't go the way it's expected.
The budget has been fully expended on the upgrade so I can't go out and
buy thousand dollar 3rd party utilities or the like.

Tape backup drive is DDS and functional but the BE 8.5 software is non
functional on the old servers (it used to hang the server - some odd
issue with the SCSI driver which was not resolvable) we moved it to the
archive box but they wanted arms and legs for multinode backup so it was
never used after that, we would have needed to upgrade both the Netware
and the BE package to get that working - too expensive. We were using
NCOPY to another (archive) server instead, which mostly works but NCOPY
doesn't like long paths and we have some, so it was never 100%.

We will be using some shiny new NAS 1.4Tb SATA RAID boxes for backup
instead of tape in the new system. It will RSYNC to one NAS box via
gigabit copper, which will then automagically mirror to another NAS box
offsite (other camput 1km away) via gigabit fibre.
Tapedrives/loaders/software to support the server capacity was well in
excess of $25k so we are going with remote Ingrasys NAS storage systems
instead of tape. I can add a tape drive to the NAS if truly necessary.

It also occurs to me that it might be possible to somehow use the NAS
systems to ease the migration since they are multiprotocol and seem to
pretend to be anything from a Mac to a Windoze box to a Linux Box - even
a NW3 style standalone Netware server.....

Bottom line.
What's the best/easiest way to migrate around 500Gb of data to the
new servers after they are installed using only what I have now and what
is part of OES/Linux.

I'm a linux newbie, so the learning curve is going to be steep, but it's
apparently time to take the plunge.

Geoff Roberts
IT Support
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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