I have decided I hate RUG. I am moving from SLES where I really loved YOU
and now OES requires RUG. We do not install X so we use the RUG
command-line client. What I cannot understand is when I do a "rug sum" it
will show me that I have say "x necessary patches". I cannot find the rug
command to show me what patch that is? rug pl does not show the severity.
Another question related is that I do not want to do a a "rug pin oes:*"
like the manual suggests and install all patches. Why would I need an
ifolder patch if I am not running ifolder? Or is it no problem just
installing all patches. A third question may be--lets say I install all
patches and I choose to install ifolder later---does it get the ifolder rpm
off the cd's and rug thinks the patch is already installed so ifolder is
not patched?