I have installed OES Linux in it's own tree as a new installation. I can
get to iManager from the workstations, which are Windows XP professional
with service pak 2 and all other updates available. I have installed the
latest Novell Client on it. I can not see the tree when I select the
trees button. The OES server is also setup with EVMS and I have created
volumes on it.

Things I have already tried
1. Reinstall OES Linux
2. Shutdown the Firewall on the Windows Workstation
3. Made sure that OpenLDAP is off
4. Made sure I can ping the server from the workstation
5. Accessed iManager from the workstation

Things I think it might be:
1. Using an external DNS server
2. Some setting on the Novell client for Windows
3. Some service on the server not started (NCP)

I know it must be something simple that I am missing, but I'm new to
linux so please help me.