Hi all,

Here's my setup. I'm using the OES-SP1 CDs. In VMware I've installed two
OES NetWare SP4a servers. When I try to install the first OES Linux server
into the tree I run into all sorts of problems.

Firstly, the Internet connection test fails with a 404 error. If I switch
to a console I can ping servers on the Internet. It also fails when trying
to get updates (sorry, can't remember the error). Anyway I can skip past
these problems.

Next, when I go to configure OES as part of the install, I can't install
into the existing tree. I select the tree TESTTREE. On the next page I
give the following info. (all correct)

NCP: 524
LDAP: 636
User: cn=admin,o=TEST
PW: whatever

Returns with the error that "user credentials failed to validate...". I'm
thinking this might be an LDAP problem but I am unsure where to begin.

Any ideas?