Having read though a much material as I can handle, under what
circumstances would I want to use OES vs SLES.

I'm going to install Linux into a non-Netware environment.
I want the following services on the server.

Single Sign-On type services whereby a user signing onto a Windows PC
will authenticate to SAMBA, and GW.
I also have a .Net application that I want to have authenticate to LDAP
I may add ZenWorks later for desktop management and roaming profile

So ... SLES and then add Edir and GW
or OES with GW.,

I have a test OES system with GW up and running - I'm just wondering if
I have more than I need.

Also, I noticed the KDE is the default on the May 2005 installation of
OES. I though Gnome was going to be the default ?

Any feedback would be really appreciated.