It seems there is a big problem with the installer CD naming and the ISO
CD naming. why is it so difficult to get the installer and the ISO
names the same? and why is different depending on the install type?

I tried to install OES sp1 Linux from CD, and I couldn't get it to
accept any CD as OES sp1 cd3 (already a thread on that)
Now I'm trying to create a network install, it asks for CD1, fine, that
is easy... then it asks for OES sp1 CD6. lnx6-sles9-4 is NOT the one it
wants, nor is lnx8-sles9-6.... it really wants linux2! then it asks for
CD3, and it does actually want linux3.

Now I'm just hoping that the NFS install will know where everything is
during the actual install. Of course that assumes that I can it to read
all the ISO to create the install directory. (they all have the proper

Michael Alexander
Network Administrator
Milwaukee Valve