Good day,

I try install and configure Tomcat connector. I follow instruction from
/usr/share/doc/packages/apache-jakarta-tomcat-connectors/README.SuSE with
no results.

I think it's not working SuSEconfig --module apache2:
- I customize jk.conf, with JkLogFile
/var/log/tomcat/demoserver/mod_jk.log, but this file never appear.
- With the browser y try http://localhosts/servlets-examples, not working,
only http://localhost:8080/servlets-examples it's ok.

Wich option in Yast, /etc/sysconfig editor must be choose to replace
SuSEconfig command?
How to edit /etc/sysconfig/apache2 to configure Apache2-jakarta-tomcat

Thanks for your time,


Ing. Juan L. Mera
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