Can anyone elaborate?
I have been a Novell CNE since Netware 3.11 and I am completely used to a
TUI, I was wondering, if Linux network applications are as compatible with
an ncurses interface as they are with a GUI and if they are, do we really
need anything more than the FVWM as a GUI? Yast2 will run from it, will
redcarpet? I'm just curious, because after months of working with NLD in a
traditional Netware environment, I have started working with OES Linux and
after installing it today (OES Linux SP2) I can't seem to see a reason (so
far) to go to the console. Have I not run into a situation that can only be
resolved with the GUI? If I do go to the GUI will I just be running YAST? I
ask because I don't want what I consider to be the most
robust,reliable,study,secure all around best F&P server and in my opinion
one of the best database hosts (SUN and Oracle withstanding) you'll ever
see become an overweight useless GUI laden clock cycle sucking wreck just
to host apps that don't need the GUI in the first place.
Please set me straight if I am wrong.