We currently have a NW5/NW6 mixed tree and have introduced some OES
Linux servers. One NW server in the tree is the time reference server
which gets it from our main campus wide Unix NTP server, we are using
TIMESYNC.NLM on all servers still (due to the NW5 boxes). Timesync is
currently working perfectly.
When installing, and since then, we have the OES box configured to
point to the Novell timesync reference server to get it's time, when
the box comes up and tried to get time - it always fails, which seemed
weird. Is this the best option? Can we not point to the NTP server
I recall something mentioned at one conference that you needed to
point the server to the server where all servers in the tree are
getting their time from and not the campus NTP server which is
effectively 1 more hop away? Correct? Can anyone confirm this.