I´m wondering which SATA RAID controller is the best in a SLES9/OES
environment. The driver should be included in the OS, so it gets updated
with the regular kernel updates.
Which SATA RAID controllers are you using?

I found the Adaptec 2420SA and the Intel Megaraid, which are included in
the OS but for example the Adaptec 1420SA works only with a very limited
number of SLES9 kernels. How can I find out (best before buying), if the
controller is really supported by OES/SLES9.
I think, the main problem is, that the kernel versions of OES Service Packs
are not exactly the same as the kernel versions of SLES9 Service Packs. Ans
since I want to boot from the RAID, I don´t want to have a dead system,
only because rug installed a new kernel version.

thanks in advance