We are in the midst of an evaluation of OES with Linux as a replacement of OES with NetWare. I have noticed a behavior which appears to be undesirable, but I wanted to verify that I am not missing something.

If I install an OES server without certain services then patch the server (say from SP1 to SP3 with rug). I then decide I want to add a new service and try to use yast. Only yast complains about all kinds of dependency issues (apparently either dependencies have changed or it is going to downgrade existing packages for the new service). So from this perspective to add a service to OES I have to downgrade existing services, install the new dependencies (which appear strange and different then the initial dependency subset), then repatch to SP3.

Is this correct?

If I create an OES SP3 installation repository and use that as my default repository would this eliminate the issue? What is the best practice for adding services to an existing OES install without breaking or rendering inconsistent packages with existing services? Why can the YaST DB not be trained with redcarpet updates?