Hi all,

I'm just trying to install a OES workbench using some of the available
hardware over here.

By using the CSP14 OES/sp2 files I've tried to install it in a couple
of boxes without success.

1. A HP VL800, a brand new IDE disk, 639Mb RAM.
IBMJAVA2-JRE1.4.2-0.51.I586 fails and after skipping this component
installation freezes at the end of the process. It seems the
installation ends, but I face an empty window where Abort or Next don't

2. The installation on an AMD/VIA based computer, 768Mb RAM, a brand
80Gb IDE/ATA disk. iT systematically freezes while copying the content
of CD2.

Please, does any of these situations make sense for you? Is there any
known bug related with this kind of configurations? Thanks!

Best regards,

Ricardo Rodriguez
The XEN ICT Team