I have been evaluating OES Linux for a while, and see that I may have some
uses for it. What, if any pitfalls or issues will I run into if I introduce
it into our production tree. My tests have been in a 100% OES tree.

My network is mostly Netware 6.5sp3 / edir with one NW 5.1 SP4 /
edir 8.6.2 servers and one NW 5.1 SP6 / edir 8.6.2 server.

I would likely want to install OES Linux SP2, but I am unsure of the
ramifications, as I believe it has edir 8.8.x standard, and I do not know
what ill effects that would have. Also I have seen some posts about issues
with edir 8.8.

What are some issues or "gotcha's" I need to look for.