I just upgraded my server from NW 6.5 SP3 to SP4a, which I believe is the same now as OES SP1. I have tried the support for 6.x issue with no help.

So I am hoping I get more response from this forum.

After the server restarted, I was able to access WebAccess, but once I logged in I got a Cannot Find Server page, and now I cannot access the login page. I cannot access any web apps, like iFolder, iManager, etc. So I am assuming that something is bad with Apache2 or Tomcat, but I don't know what. I have restarted the server several times, but nothing fires it up.

According to Novell TIDs and the logger screen, TC 4 is running and operational, so I am guessing it's AP2

If I shut down Apache (ap2webdn) and then restart it (ap2webup) it never says "OK" between the brackets, so I don't think it finishes loading. A lot of users depend heavily on the web applications so I need to get this going soon.

I have a support call schedule for 9am tomorrow morning, but that will run me $120/hour, so I am hoping (and praying) that someone can help me fix this first, because I don't have the money in my budget to get this fixed via an expensive support session.