Hello, I'm running OES-SuSE and have just set up NSS on my server.
According to the documentation on the website here, the system
users(novlwww, wwwrun, etc..) should be added to eDir and removed from
/etc/passwd when you install NSS. However, it appears that they were not
added to eDirectory, and were still removed from /etc/passwd. As a result,
many daemons do not start correctly(Apache, Tomcat, and a few others I
think). Also, there are some files and directories that show up as being
owned by just a UID, not a username. How can I fix this? Is there a
script I can run somewhere to add these to eDir? If not, then what are
the default UID's that they would need to have if I were to add them to
eDir manually? I guess the same goes for the groups as well.

Note: I do think that LUM is set up OK. I can log into the server with
eDir usernames(that are not in passwd). And chowning stuff to them works
as well.