just attended a Novell advanced technical training about sles optimization
and troubleshooting where we discussed a possible partition layout of our
oes servers. It's not clear where we should go. We plan to migrate about 500
server to oes/linux.

First of all we use NSS for client access, so we need evms best on a
separate disk. That's mostly managed by imanager and our support stuff knows
that tool, so shouldn't be a problem.

Next we want "root" to be a basic partition with reiser. No problem this is

For "var" and "tmp" it should be possible to change the volume size later
on. On "var" there will be a database, software distribution and so on.

So what would you use for those volumes ? Lvm, even evms is also used, or
only evms ?
I was looking for evms the last two hours but that looks to be complicated
and not intuitive manageable.
So I would prefer lvm for "var" and "tmp" beside evms for the NSS volumes,
even autoyast works for lvm it's easier to install the server.

But might there be a problem because we use both volume managers on the same
system ?

Thanks for any advice!