I have set up a few servers with mirrored drives and installing Linux with
and without using LVM. Last server I setup was partitioned this way. I
have mirrored partition for boot & root.

hda1 - 128MB (0xFD)
hda2 - 512MB (swap)
hda3 - 40GB (0xFD)
hdc1 - 128MB (0xFD)
hdc2 - 512MB (swap)
hdc3 - 20GB (0xFD)
hda1 & hdc1 --> md0 /boot
hda3 & hdc3 --> md1 /

and everything works GREAT !!!

Now I am attempting accomplish this same thing with OES Linux install using
EVMS and I can't seem to make it work. Can someone please explain how to
do software mirroring (RAID 1) and EVMS in Yast, to achieve results similar
to the above example?


Gary Faith