I am trying to install OES SP2 on a 64 bit SuSe enterprise server. This is
to replace netware 5.1 we currently use in work.

I seen little point using the full 32 bit OES with 32 bit SLES linux core
with SMP Xeon systems which can be upgraded to 32GB RAM etc.

Anyway, when I try install OES SP2 on the system (I am basically following
how you would do it with a 32bit SLES linux ie. select upgrade and add OES
method)it comes up with the fault that it cannot find the root partition.

I was wondering if this is because the partition is too big?

I could make multiple small partitions as this is easy with linux and add
a seperate root also. The SCSI drives use RAID 1.

Any help/advice appreciatted