Just had a long chat with my boss and he seems quite adamant on using IPX
internally in the company for security reasons. I know you can get IPX
firewalls - think it's border Manager. Obviously SLES linux etc is IP
based and has a range of tools for DHCP,DNS,Webserver etc (this stuff is
easy on linux) - not really what we want. Just a secure file server for
accounts info.

I personally come from a linux background. NSS, eDirectory, EVMS etc.
Gonna take some time get my head around this.

We have a Netware 5.1 server and i am starting to think of replacing it
with a netware 6.5 server using IPX. Then use 64 Bit SLES server in place
of the MS windows Workgroup for some other tasks.

Advice welcome!

My thoughts so far. Set up two IPX servers, then I will need a IPX in IP
encyption link from the UK to USA. These have static IPs. Even if the
software is a little old. Newer netwares maybe IP based now.

Sorry to be a pain ob this topic!

May post in the netware forum also about IPX, firewalls and encryption
links etc.

Best Regards