Currently in the process of moving a GW 7 Domain and PO over to a newly
installed OES Linux server. We customized the partitions during the
install as follows:

Created 200MB boot partition (native file system)
Created 15GB VAR partition (native file system)
Created 190GB root partition (native file system)
Created 300GB MAIN partition (LVM)
Created 6GB SWAP partition

In the process of copying over the Post Office using dbcopy to the MAIN
partition, the process got to about 67Gb before bombing out. When we tried
to start the copy again we got an I/O error on the mount point and had to
reboot the server and recreate the mount point. The entire po directory is
~135Gb mainly all from the offiles directory.

1. Does the "bomb out" have to do with the size of the PO dir, with the
partitioning set up or with something else entirely?

2. Also, when we try to VNC to the OES server, we get the following error:

There was an error setting up inter-process commmunications with KDE. The
message returned from the system was:

Could not read network connection list.

Please check that the DCOPserver is running!

We checked and the DCOPserver is running.

The server just seems to be a bit "quirky" overall which makes us a bit
nervous about moving our GW system to it. Any thoughts or ideas?