I've been working through the Linux OES Lab setup on the website on a test

Everything seemed to work well with the installation. All the hardware was
detected correctly. Everything seemed to install with no problems.

I follow the instructions on installing/configuring the server.


However, once I reach the provisioning stage (4.4 Provisioning Users for
iFolder 3.x) the instructions fail to describe the screens I
am seeing.

There is no Novell iFolder 3 option under roles and tasks, just an iFolder
Management option.

At this point I can no longer follow the instructions.

Virtual Office is supposed to be installed by default however if i try to
access it (http://myserver/vo) I get a page not found.

If i try to install it in YaST it states that novell-eos-install and
novell-selections are required but not installed. on checking the
installed software, both are in fact already installed.

Any help greatfully received

(Netware 4.11 administrator/Linux Dabbler :)