I will be migrating a Netware 6.5.4a server over to Suse Linux (OES SP2)
IBM Blade server. We have 6 servers in our tree with 2 partitions and a
read/write replica of both on each server. Each server runs GW 7 with 1
Domain, 1 PO, 1 Web Access Agent, 1 GWIA. From my understanding you
can't migrate Edirectory from Netware to Suse Linux similar to the
Migration Wizard. Will the Consolidation Utility work? Can I make the
Suse Linux server have the same server name, IP Address, DNS name,etc
then turn off the old NW 6.5 server and remove it from the tree? Novell
want's to get people off of Netware but I'm having trouble finding the
right procedures for doing so.