I'm trying to install OESP2 into an existing tree Netware tree, but
suspect I'd have the same issue with SP1.

When it gets to the point of installing eDirectory, I get an unable to
bind error, and I'm given Options 1 and 2.I read through the TID below,
and noticed the server object is created in the tree (some communication
is established with the tree), but no certs. In fact, I'm unable to
create certificates. I get error 625 in iManager, and ConsoleOne just
bombs. However, the Netware servers in the tree I can successfully
create certs using both tools.

All the servers are running, but I'm wondering if I should
install this patch to, which discusses error 625:

Of course, once I get the certs created, I'm not sure how to continue.
Do I let the installation bomb, select option 2, and try and reconfigure
the failed installation. I did try this once, and LDAP was not listening
or doing anything on the server I just tried to install. I guess I
could try deleting everythintg out of the container except the certs and
try installing the server brand new again.

Does anyone else have this problem? I've ruled out the following:
1) can connect via ssl to the server holding the master replica
2) time is synched in the tree
3)pointing to the right SLP DA
4) OES SLES isn't being installed with the default, Pacific Time zone