I'm doing a new install of Suse OES 9 (will also be adding SP3) onto 3
new HP ProLiant 380 G4 servers (Intel Xeon cpu's). For political reasons
and so that the Novell client is not required we will be using Samba,
but with eDir and NSS. I have 6 hard drives connected to a SmartArray 6i
RAID card. I have 2 volumes. The first volume (RAID 0) will have the OS
and use ReiserFS . The second (RAID 5) will use NSS (on top of
ReiserFS...or is there a better option?). I am using the "fixed" ISO
recommended in TID 2971770 for EVMS issues with NSS. I read in other
postings that EVMS is not required with NSS if the NSS volumes are on
separate volumes. When I try to create the NSS volumes using nssmu or in
iManager...I get an error. What should I be doing to create the NSS
volumes correctly? Should I be formatting this second volume in the
install or wait until after the install is finished? Should I not use
the "fixed" ISO?

Thanks in advance!