I'm installing Suse 9 OES onto an HP ProLiant 380 G4 server. I am using
the SmaryArray 6i with 2 volumes (RAID 0 with 2 drives, RAID 5 with 4
drives). The first volume is the system volume formatted with Reiser. I
did the expert option at the partitioning section of the install. I
created /boot (300MB), Swap (2GB), and / (the rest of volume). On the
install I enabled SLP and pointed it to this same server using it's
hostname. NTP is pointed to NIST (time.nist.gov). I do not have this
connected to the network. I'm using the HP SmartArray ISO disk per one
of the TID's. I added NSS, DNS, DHCP at install time. After the first
login (which had the error) I was able to create the NSS data volume
using nssmu. I'm using LVM for the system volume. I haven't installed
any patches or service packs.

At login I get the following error messages repeated 21 times below the
login prompt.

date, time, and server name are actually displayed...I've just removed
it here.

<date:time><servername>kernel:device-mapper:error adding target to table
<date:time><servername>kernel:dm-linear:Device lookup failed
<date:time><servername>kernel:mtrr:type mismatch for fc000000,800000
odd:uncacheable new:write-combining

I'm pretty new to linux...any ideas what these mean?