Problem: Linux part is freezing just after selecting "install (2d option) on
the boot screen.

I just got the kit and I am testing the new software.
Problem is that in the self study kit 3059, only the upgrade is explained
nothing on the new install. So I installed the server just like any old
server but with no license. Worked out fine. Now I tried continuing with the
Linux part. So I reboot with the 1st Linux CD. I get the Suse welcoming
screen and then the option menu. I select the 2nd option: Install. At that
point, the screen looses contact with the server and displays "no data". The
server is running but it is acting just like if it was turned off. Frozen.
The only thing I get to woirk is the numlock key.

Any suggestion on what is going wrong?

Intel Server
Intel SC5295 420W
Intel SE7320EP2 Motherboard
Proc Xeon 3GHz 2Mo cache
2 X 512Mo ECC PC4200 533MHz
Raid Intel PCI SATA SRCS16 running Raid 5 on 4 SATA Drives