I have old OES-beta / feb-05/[sles+SP1],, from a few days for
edu.testing only .

The testing system has three HD
/ HDA 1=> reiserfs 2=swap 3=ext3
/HDB 1,2,.=>vfat-part + ext3/
/HDC [dvd]
/HDD ==> / i made NSS-vol later /

After the installation, i did not have any problems with mounting
Hdb1 to OES=/hda1/
but when i added NSS package to the OES [hda1] /// HDD has NSS
volume now ///
i got message ,

that "hdb1" is busy !!
and mounting was impossible.

I checked "mount" and hdb1 has not mounting point
..so ..why is busy ???

How to resolve this problem , to mount "vfat" or "ext3" from
another drive /hdb/ to main system /hdc1/ when NSS packet is in OES.

What is interesting , i can mount hda3 /ext3/ without any problem
when NSS is on ....but
"hdb1,2 vfat+ ext3 , ONLY, WHEN , NSS packet is removed from the

Temporary solution was to add " hdb1" and hdb2 to FSTAB file,
and reboot was needed. ,
After all "unmount" was also impossible from prompt console.

thank you for advice

PS>> it looks like , NSS is blocking [locking] any other partition from
seperate HD's to be mount under OES.
and finally , massage .===> .."hdb1" is busy