I'm not sure if this is the correct forum.
I have a test system where I installed eDir using OES NetWare.
I've just now installed OES Linux SP2 into its own container in my existing
test tree.

I can't see OES Linux using ConsoleOne from my NetWare server. I am
guessing this is normal. Right?

I can see my Linux OES using iManager from the Linux server but I cannot see
the NetWare server or the users created in the NetWare portion of the tree.
In fact using iManager on the Linux server I can't even see the container
that my NW server is in. Similarly, iManager from the NW server can't see
the Linux stuff.

I note the Linux server "thinks" it holds the Master Replica and the NW
server "thinks" it holds the master replica. Each server cannot see the
replica on the other.

I'm guessing there is still some more I need to do so that each server can
co-exist in the tree and share resources.

Have I screwed up somewhere along the way? What should my next step be? Is
there a good doc on managing both servers in my tree?