I have been looking through the forums, and have not seen any suitable
solution to this yet, The DVDs I get off my local Novell source are OES
without any service packs!

I have tried a few different methods to create a bootable DVD but each
have failed.

1. I first tried to simply add the additional files to the CD1 ISO.
But this failed miserably. It wouldn't even boot giving me a
Checksum error.
2. I then tried creating a ISO from scratch, but I used the boot
image from the CD1 ISO and came up with the same problem (Checksum
3. I then found a script called "makeSUSEdvd" (BTW it does work great
for converting SUSE CD ISOs to DVD ISO). However this did not work.
4. I then tried the manual process outlined by the makeSUSEdvd
website. This seemed to work, until you actually try and install
from the DVD. The installer can not find half of the RPMs it
needs to install OES!

Since Novell has Eval DVDs, there MUST be a way of doing this! Does
anyone have anymore ideas!