I updated the OES using Red Carpet & rebooted

Now nothing works - well the Linux bit works

Can't login as Admin

Can't login to iManage, iFolder3

I can login as Root that's it!

I had this same problem (I think) about 2 months ago.
I went back to my Ghost copy which I made prior to updates
thanks to Mr. Gates I'm paranoid about appying updates
This is worse than M$ because the WHOLE thing dosen't work.

If we are going use OES - I would like to fix it
I'm NOT a Linux EXPERT
(nor I am I Windows or Netware EXPERT although we look after
30 Windows and 46 Netware installations with just three "enginners")
and I hope I don't have to become one!

Anyone know what I need to check??
Any help apprecaited.