Using YaST installation server to build an nfs network installation
source does not work. After feeding it OES SP2 CD4, the script asks for
OES SP2 CD1 again. When you give it OES SP2 CD1 it rejects it. If you
give it OES SP2 CD5 it works and then asks for OES SP2 CD2. After that
nothing works and it never asks for the SUSE CORE CDs that follow in the
10 CD set. I have tried this with CD's and iso's I have tried manually
copying the rest of the CD and YaST recogises that all of the CD's are
present and lets you complete the dialoge to finish the config of the nfs
installation source. I tried doing an install using the new installation
source and it kicks of but fails to find the packages in the software
sections. It can not locate them so you can't continue the installation.

Has anybody created an nfs (or any other for that matter) installation
source with OES for Linux SP2?

Very frustrated and wasting time