Having trouble getting SLES 9.2/9.3 to install on a Compaq Proliant
DL380 with 2 gig of ram, 72GB of disk space. Here is the issue.

The kernal boots,
brings up the SUSE menu, Boot, Intall etc; I select install and it goes
through the loading/boot screen, then it comes up with

Make sure CD Number 1 is in your device

Could not find the SUSE Linux Eneterprise Server 9 Installation CD.
Activationg Manual Setup Program.

Manual setup comes back that could not find the image.

The 72 GB are 2 36gb connected to a 5si internal raid controller. I do
not have them mirrored.

I have checked the MD5SUM. Checked good.

I've made several burns of the ISO and get the same problem. I've
installed a DVD and installed a copy of the SLES 10 Beta and installed
just fine. So I'm assuming there is a problem with how I'm making the