did anyone ever get X working on such a box?
for me, on a fresh install, the box freezes whenever even sax2 gets
started. it has to be powered off.
you can start sax2 with whatever directives you like (ati, fbdev, vga,
vesa), it knocks down the server immediately (no time to write anything to
a logfile or syslog box). problem comes up both with a vanilla oessp2
installation and one which is patches to the latest. it also makes no
difference whether you use a "compaq-kernel" or not.
sax -a works pretty fine and writes a XF86Config i would expect, i.e. it
recognizes graphics adapter and monitor pretty well.
the graphical part of the installation works fine.
firmware of the box is patches to the latest, it has two CPUs and an
advances RILO board. this sudden death also strikes with a knoppix boot-cd
version 4.02, a stoneold knoppix build (dated 2002) works fine.

glad for any help,