I'm trying to install OES SP2 on a test box at home so I can begin playing
with it. I had hoped that if all went well, I could plan on moving our
NetWare 6.5 servers at work to OES when we buy new servers in the next year
or so. So far, though, it's not looking good. Here's what's happening.

My first attempt at installing OES, which is installing into an existing
NetWare 6.0 SP5 tree, I added all the Novell products I wanted (eDirectory,
NCP, NSS, LUM, Novell Samba, iPrint, iManager). The only thing I left out
was iFolder 3.x because I read that should be installed after the server is
running and configured. So anyways, I see that apache won't start and it's
complaining about wwwrun not existing, while something else (tomcat?)
complained about novlwww not existing. I did some looking and saw the
users were in NDS, but for some reason it appeared LUM wasn't working.
After reading some stuff in here it looked like I should have picked
minimal OES components during the install.

So install number two (after removing everything from the tree). This time
the only components I select are eDirectory, NCP, and iManager. Hey
everything is great, I can access iManager. So then I install LUM, reboot,
everything is still ok. However I realized i never accessed the LUM config
in YaST. I did this, and guess what. Apache is broken--no wwwrun.

Install number three I select eDirectory, NCP, iManager, and LUM. This
time the eDirectory config during the install doesn't even complete, so
let's blow the box away AGAIN.

Install number four I'm back to just three components as in attempt number
two. However this time I don't select any additional SLES components. In
the three previous attempts I also added kernel-source, gcc, gcc-c++, and
findutils-locate. I didn't see why those should cause a problem, but heck
at this point I'll try anything. So anyways I do the install and
everything looks good--apache runs, iManager works. So then I decide to
add several components at once: NSS, LUM, Novell Samba, and Novell SMS. I
install them, and I go to config NSS which then fires up the LUM config.
Guess what? BROKEN AGAIN! I don't know what logs will help, but here's
something in /var/log/messages when I execute the command "id wwwrun":

May 18 08:16:48 martonfs1 /usr/sbin/namcd[16617]: User not found in NDS

That user is most definitely in NDS. So what am I missing here? Am I
somehow overlooking something simple? Here's the contents of NAM.CONF
(note the IP for preferred-server is the localhost).


Does anyone have any ideas?

BTW, I just wanted to add how frustrating this is. I have installed
NetWare a billion times from 4.11 on up through 6.5. Sure, sometimes
things go crazy. You'll get that with any OS. But for the most part it
just worked with maybe the exception of 5.0. OES so far has the version.0
feel to it. It seems like you have to do things just right it won't work.
It's not that much better than NNLS 1.0 other than the fact that more
services are theoretically available. I'm not a big SLES expert, but of
the times I've installed SLES8 & SLES9 I've been able to select any
components I want without fear of something breaking. It seems like the
reliability of SLES & NW have been combined into a product that's about as
reliable as something coming from Redmond. I hope and pray that when OES
is updated to be based off of SLES10 that all these issues are resolved, or
else it will be time to start improving my M$ skills.