I have a fresh installed OES SP2 host. The next step is patching the system.
According to the documentation, I first have to execute oessp2prepatch.sh.
But to my understanding, I have already an OES SP2 host and do not need to
patch it to this level. SPident -v gets me 'System is up-to-date! found
OES-9-i386-SP2' So is it ok not to use oessp2prepatch.sh?

Now I'd like to use rug for applying any post-SP2 patches to the system.
It's activated, and with 'rug pl' I see a lot of patches. It appears to me
as if quite a lot of this patches are pre-SP2. Do I backrevision my system,
if I apply these patches? How can get only these patches, that I really
need? Will I break services if I apply all patches?

But even if find out the right ones, there seem to be several hundred, is
there an efficient way to apply them without sitting hours in front of my
machine and applying one patch after the other?

I know, a lot of questions, but it seems really confusing to me and the
documentation seems to be written for SP2.

Thanks for every input