Hi all

I have seen this problem on some threads, and read some TID, but nothing
that could help. This OES linux sp2 is running inside VMware (where i
see this pb all the time?)

nldap fails to start on port 636, thus preventing me from accessing
iManager. Also, eDir fails to start at system bootup because of this I

FBL-VM-oes:/etc/ssl/servercerts # nldap -s
NLDAP server loading / unloading utility for Novell eDirectory
SSL Port is disabled / not Listening

I tried deleting the Certificate objects via ConsoleOne, and ran a
ndsconfig upgrade to try reinstalling everything, but there is still
nothing being copied into /etc/ssl/servercerts. The objects are being
recreated however.

I tried following this -
http://wiki.novell.com/index.php/Rec...s_on_OES_Linux -, but I couldn't reproduce it via consoleone.

I tried to reconfigure Edir from scratch via YaST, but no luck there

Has anyone a tip/pointers?

Thanks a lot.