I have mixed tree with one NW6, one NW5.5 and two OES SP2 on Linux (SUSE)
servers.I reinstall one OES SP2 Linux server (same name, same IP) and
joined existing Tree without any problems. Now when I run 'Samba server'
set up in yast and enter password for root at the end, I'm getting "Cannot
create account for user root" error. Also, in iManager if I try to enable
user for Samba - I'm getting " Error: Modify Samba user failure A
sambaDomain object was not found. Enabling a user for Samba requires that a
sambaDomain object exist in either the same container as the user object or
in one of that container's hierarchical parents (as defined by the ldap
suffix in smb.conf)". Before I reinstalled this server, I had Samba
working. Please help!