I am not one to usually bag on Novell, but I have reached a point of
frustration. When I first heard about Novell purchasing Suse Linux and
promising to port service from Netware I was extremely excited about the
prospect. Herein lies the rub: if Novell expects us to choose Linux as a
migration path then they need to make sure that all of their services work
from the moment of installation, similar to what we have come to expect from
Netware. I have spent many frustrated hours trying to get basic services
such as eDirectory, LDAP, SLP, iPrint, iManager (should I go on?) running.
In almost every case I have had to overcome some obstacle, such as packages
not installed, wrong versions or something seemingly unrelated. I am not a
novice at Linux, nor am I an expert, I am just an average Administrator
trying to keep my network running and updated, when possible. I do not want
to have to open a support call every time I run into a "glitch" so I rely on
the Support Forums and TID's to point me down the right path for resolving
I am wondering at this point- am I the lone admin or are others feeling the
"migration angst" I am experiencing. I hope that someone from Novell
monitors these forums and responds positively- I have no intentions on
giving up on Novell but I do hope they do a better job in the future of
seamlessly integrating core components to the Linux core. Thanks for letting
me rant!
Richard G