I have installed SLES9sp2 in a VMWare ESX 2.5.3 server and cannot get it to
boot properly. The install worked fine and I got into KDE the first time OK.
I then installed VMWare tools and powered off the VM to change the NIC from
vlance to vmxnet and then it booted to grub> I have also installed SLES9
standard and on its first reboot after the file copy and before the
configuration section does the same thing, boots to grub>. The install will
fail the same way every time I do it. What is going wrong here it seems as
though it has lost some vital grub config info ?

If I edit the install and change the GUI from KDE to GNOME it will boot OK.
But some icons in the menu are not appearing next to the text, if I log in
as root it still asks me to enter a password to run yast and I get SU
timeout error screens when running YAST. After doing an online update,
rebooting and then running YAST it fails looking for a file in a kde folder
(I did not install KDE).

Its a bit of a mess.

Any ideas guys ? The grub problem is most important...