This is a DL380 on which I had installed OES Linux a couple of months ago
in a test tree. I set it up on our network today, logged in and ran
YAST|Network Services|eDirectory. Since it had already been installed, I
got the standard warning and proceeded to insert it into our tree at the
lowest organization level, where all the other servers are. This was
(apparently) successful, and I could run iManager in its browser pointed at

However, the server didn't appear in the tree anywhere. I plan to remove
and re-install the OS tomorrow, mainly for the practice, but also to re-do
the disk partitions. Am I going to run into any problems with my existing tree?

Also, is there any wisdom on disk partitioning? This server has two 18 GB
drives and four 36 GB drives. The small ones are RAID 1 and three of the
large ones RAID 5, with the last as a hot spare. If I boot the RAID 1,
where should I mount the RAID 5 to make best use of its space for
installing GroupWise and ConsoleOne?

Richard White CNE6
Network Engineer
Mason County, Washington