I installed a test server of OES Linux in its own tree and selected not to install the SLP stuff when doing the install. I know realize that maybe I should have. WHen using a novell client to attempt to log into this server, I cannot browse to find the tree. (I can successfully log in by entering the IP address of the server). How do I reconfigure the server to so I can install and set up the SLP stuff? (sorry if this is a simple question. I am trying to make Linux my friend) Also would the fact that SLP is not configured cause me problems with Netstorage. When connecting to Netstorage and attempting to go to one of the drives mapped to an NSS volume on the OES server, I get the following error:
"NetStorage encountered an error while trying to access this location." If I log in with the client from workstation, I can get access to the drive mapping without any problems.

Thanks in advance.