Hi, I have installed OES on a DL380 Server that have two Broadcom GB NICs on
board. Now we have the problems that sometimes ssh (putty) sessions will be
kicked off from the server (Network Error: Software caused connection
abort). first I thought it might be a problem at the client side. But it
always happens only with ssh sessions on this machine, whil eother ones
keep alive. So i opened up several mtr traces (from different hosts to this
server, means start mtr <ip of the problem server>). Here I found that
sometimes som epackets wont be answered from the server (packet loss),
maybe this could be the reason. Searching the internet I found several
threads talking about such similar problems with hp servers and broadcom
nics on them. One of them talked about updating the nic bios, but it's up
to date, one talked about diabling asr on the nic, but it doesnt help.

Till here it still might be a hardware problem, but...I have another dl380
server, running since about 6 month', also installed with oes. On this one
I had the problem that oes hangs about every 30 days (nearly complete),
this might be a lum problem, so we disabled it (and still waiting for the
next 30day limit arriving...); but we never had such a ssh problem like on
the other one. So now I'm wondering if it maybe not a hardware problem, but
might be a oes problem?