I was referred to this forum from the iManager forum since this appears
to be a LUM/Samba issue.

I receive the formentioned error when I attempt to enable a user for
samba in iManager. I've tracked it to the mandatory attribute 'rid' in
the sambaAccount class in the NDS schema. Problem is, that attribute
is not associated to the user until AFTER they are samba enabled.

Any ideas as to why this class isn't being applied to samba users? I
have even tried using 'smbbulkadd' to do it from the command line and
receive 'ERROR: linuxUser2SambaUser() conversion failed'. The utility
does not appear to have a debug or verbose capability.

I can add the extension to a user object manually and it appears to
work and would be happy to use that as a workaround. The problem is
determining a value for 'rid'.

Thanks in advance!