I posted this in the Small-Business.6x forum last week but it seems to
be a "dead" no activity.

I have to specify a system for Small Business (with about 20 users)
Budget is tight.
Small Business - 25 user

My personal feeling is - only an idiot would put a Firewall software on a
Server so:
Firewall / Spam/Anti-Virus done via external Watchguard type
gateway - no need to tie up server resources
Print is via Print Server no need to bogg down server when these
things cost 50

File - for 25 user, 3 main groups (need about 300Gb space - shared and user
Email -GW - about 10 users are heavy mail users (3 domains)
BackupExec and Tape for backup
Needs Remote access for 5 users (Accounts programe, CRM, Payroll)

No SQL required

Windows SBS or OWS as there is NO Novell SB any more)

What would you use and Why ?

Hardware Specification

Same again for 50 users

Currently using Windows NT

Let us say NO real knowledge of Linux and therefore feel uncomfortable.