I'm installing OES linux as a test.

I started with the "Lab Guide for OES SP2 Linux" which told me not to use
SP2, but SP1. So I did.

I got through all the installation options until the "configure eDirectory"

I enter all the info just as the guide suggests but when I get to the
"Perform E-Directory configuration" screen it fails at the "configure and
start eDirectory using ndsconfig" section.

I get a number of errors including:

illegal containment: Novell eDirectory server configuration failed. Please
make certain that you have provided complete and correct server.admin

As far as I know I have. It's a new tree, I filled in all the info exactly
as the guide suggests. I have gone back and re-typed all the info numerous

Any ideas as to what would cause this?

BTW here's the link to the guide I'm


John Morgan