I hope someone can help with this one because it's not really OES
installation. So if there is an other forum where the question is better
asked can you redirect me.

One of the reasons I'm testing OES is for installing DB2 V9.1 express.

But Linux is somewhat to new for me.
The OES server with the Novell NDS stuff is running fine.

Now I want to install DB2.

I receive the following error installing the software from a terminal
window in the GUI interface login as root.

The DISPLAY variable is not set properly.
Ensure that the DISPLAY variable is set properly and that permissions
are set properly to open windows on the display specified, then rerun
the command. "

In the manual I found something but I do not understand the DISPLAY

The DB2 Setup wizard is a graphical installer. You must have X windows
software capable of rendering a graphical user interface for the DB2
Setup wizard to run on your machine. Ensure that the X windows server is
running. Ensure that you have properly exported your display. For
example, export DISPLAY="

What do I have to enter after DISPLAY=
The instruction help says
export DISPLAY=hostname:displaynumber.screennumber

the instruction I entered was
export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0

for working in the GUI interface logged in as admin working in an
terminal window logged in as root ?
But had no success.
What the are the write permissions and where do I set them ?

Thanks for any help.