I plan to install OES Linux on a new server in each of my locations and
join to an existing eDirectory structure. Once in place, the data on the
old servers will be migrated and they will be decommissioned. In
location A I have a single NW6.5 SP2 server and in location B I have a
single NW6.0 server. I have read that to install OES Linux to an
existing tree I will need to upgrade to NW6.5 SP3...does this apply to
both servers or is this only necessary on one server (they are set up
OU=LocationA.O=Tree and OU=LocationB.O=Tree)

Also, I have downloaded NW6.5 SP5, will this work for the upgrade (I
believe this is technically OES) or do I have to hunt down SP3?

Thank you in advance...