When I apply OES SP2 and restart my server, I loose network communication
and my Cdrom drive.

I've tested this on both an HP DL360 and DL380 with the same results.

I've also tested by using the prepatch and now the newly released solution
of applying patch-11147 before applying SP2. (I've also tested using the
OES SP2 CD's.)

The results are always the same. Once the server reboots, the first problem
that I have is that there is no longer any network communication. The only
binding to the NIC is the Local Loopback.

The second issue is that I am unable to mount the Cdrom, and the message is
in relation to fs type subfs not supported with this version of the kernel.

Are these things happening because SP2 updates the kernel and if that is
the case, how do I upgrade to SP2 without the kernel being upgraded at the
same time?

Thanks in advance, Dave.